This is the easiest way to start your next song...

What do you get when you lock a pop/country producer in a room for 100's of hours with a banjo, resonator, mandolin and an acoustic guitar???


What if I told you I have an easy solution for you to produce better quality tracks?

You probably wouldn’t believe me and I wouldn’t blame you.

The truth is.. producing a great quality track is not easy… It's actually pretty hard.

But what if I have done alot of the heavy lifting for you?

One of the most challenging parts of producing a track is starting out with a blank session…

I’ve learned if you start with inspiring musical hooks…

You can build a track much more faster than before!

But it also takes time to come up with a musical hook, setup a mic, and properly record in time and in tune with your DAW.

Thats exactly why I created this sample pack...

To make it much easier to start your next song.

In the future I plan on offering each of these packs for $57 each...

The total to purchase everything will then be $228

But if you take advantage of this bundle offer..

You will save $171 today and get everything for the price of one!

All of these samples layer well together and will help you build out a production much more faster than before.

Owning this pack is like having a professional session musician right on your desktop, ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out - use this sample pack as your secret weapon for crafting those hooky guitar solos and intros.

Start inspiring tracks effortlessly.

Choose from over 100's of banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar and resonator licks.

Add more musical layers to your production as fast as possible.

Listen to what a production student of mine built with these samples in less than an hour...


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So Whats included In This Bundle?

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Profesionally recorded Resonator, Banjo, Acoustic, Mandolin

Get everything today for the price of one!


This is what producers have been saying about the Melodic Acoustic Bundle!

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Does this work in any DAW?

Yes! These are wav files that will easily drag and drop into any DAW! Its as simple as matching the key and bpm and deciding which instruments you want to add to your production. Drag in drop in any DAW. Copy paste the parts that inspire you and you are off creating your best track yet.

Are these royalty free samples?

Yes, once you purchase this bundle, you own the rights to use any sample as you like without having to credit me however you may not ever redistribute or resell any samples included in this pack. 100% Royalty Free for you to use however you like.

Why are these samples better than what I have on Splice?

These samples were designed by a pop/country producer. They are imperfect and have a distinct human feel. As a producer myself, I needed more acoustic instrument layers in my own productions. Everything I found online did not match my style of music. If you want an authentic human performance - these samples are for you!

Why no refunds on this product?

This is a digital product full of wav files you download to your hard drive, which means once you download it, you can't return it. You'll know if it's right for you by listening to the audio examples provided in the videos above. These samples are unique and not available elsewhere. If you're looking for a cheaper option, consider joining platforms like Splice or Arcade. I had a bad experience with people abusing refund policies in the past, then walking away with months of my hard work for free so I simply don't offer refunds on this product. I'm 100% sure these will help you make better sounding tracks. If you need a refund policy to trust this product, I encourage you to spend time with me on YouTube where I post videos that help producers so you feel comfortable purchasing this bundle.

Who created these samples?

Forest Glen Whitehead is a Top Tier Hit Songwriter/Producer with 5 #1 song credits and multiple Grammy nominations including 2021 and 2022 for his production on breakthrough artist Mickey Guyton. Forest is most recognized for his record breaking work with Kelsea Ballerini helping Kelsea achieve a record breaking debut album and sophomore release. Besides multiple #1's with Ballerini, Forest has had cuts on artists like Dylan Scott, Maddie & Tae, Hunter Hayes, Brantley Gilbert and many more. He has a YouTube and website helping songwriters and producers with courses and sample packs.

Still not sure these will work for you?

If you are on the fence about these samples, email me at and I will email you a mini sample pack to try for free! I want you 100% CERTAIN these samples are right for you. Once you download, you get years worth of sample work on my end that I cannot risk on a silly 7 day refund policy that I've learned freebie seekers abuse. Been there done that. But if you are seriously considering this pack and want a free sample.. Email me at and I will be glad to hook you up.

How much space will I need to download this pack?

1.23 GB

These audio files do not take up a ton of space at all.

Important: Absolutley no refunds on this product. If you are not sure these samples will work for you - simply do not buy. There is no way to return files you download to your hard drive..



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Essential Electric Riffs Bundle

Essential Electric Riffs Bundle

Add 450+ professionally recorded electric guitar samples to your order today for 50% off! Featuring 4 top of the line electric guitars. This expansion pack pairs perfectly with the Melodic Acoustic Bundle for a total of 1000+ samples to inspire your next song.
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